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As Uzman Fren we manufacture and supply brake systems, brakes, brake linings, balatas, linings, boosters, brake discs, brake hoses, brake pads, brake repair kits, hand brake wires, main centers, wheel centers, clutch centers, brake service equipments, brake spare parts, suspension parts, brake metal parts, brake hydraulic parts, mega text, brembo, roadhouse, kale balata, zimmermann, proffe, ate, swag, braff, wby, cavo, metelli, frenlas, dixfen, ayd, brake system, brake, brake lining, balata, lining, booster, brake disc, brake hose, brake pad, brake repair kit, hand brake wire, main center, wheel center, clutch center, brake service equipment, brake spare part... As Uzman Brake we contunies to develop ourselves by combining our experience and recent technology and have been among the well known brands in automotive industry which we started our business life for the purpose of meeting the most qualified brake systems with customers in 1985. Constantly developed by our professional engineers to make competition successfully with world brands, our company has been one step forward from other companies with its product range and product quality. Aiming to present the best options for brake systems which is considered one of the significant systems in automotive industry, Uzman Brake Systems considers to offer always the best products with reasonable prices to its valuable customers as its primary target. Our company offers its speciality in its main industry, brake systems, for its valuable customers by successing to create an institutional brand value and working to develop this brand value to one step forward day by day. Since the date of starting business life with brake service for automobiles in 1985, our company has got advantages of offering trouble free services thanks to its steady working staff. Adopting to steady developing technological developments in automotvie industry with its dynamic structure, our company offers lots of options to its valuable customers by expanding its product range day by day. Our company raises its quality day by day in paralel with its principles and working diciplines such as delivery on time and offering the most quality products. Company which increases it efforts to manufacture the best products and make competition with its rivals, aims to offer new services for its customers in the direction of customer demands by following recent developments. One of the differance between our company and other companies is our principles which is focused to gain customers instead of money and thus company aims to make long term relations with its valuable customers. We as Uzman Brake company make the largest invesments on our name and always struggle to meet the newest and the best products with our customers. We continue to our worlwide investments to get the same success on abroad besides in Turkey. We continue observing recent developments and newest technological changings in different markets and realize research and development works.



“Horozluhan Mah., İlkay Sok. No: 20, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey”

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